Episode 18 – Round Table Discussion About Our Favorite Martial Arts Film Part 1

On today’s episode, the minions talked a little too much, and for the ease of the listening fans, we have split this up into a two part series discussing our favorite Martial Arts Films. On this episode, Bill celebrates Travis’ birthday (over a month late at this point), and Benyamin gets down on the bullet camera techniques of a Gun-Fu film.

Episode 17 – Spotlighted Segment Dating Ourselves Podcast Favorite Cult Classics

No minions on today’s show. On today’s very special episode, we have the gang from the “Dating Ourselves Podcast” on the show, featuring Brian, Paul, and Neva. There are WAAAAYYYYY too many great moments on today’s show, but here are some highlights.

Bill pulls double duty and loses his mind while talking Neva. Paul continues to be the glue of a podcast show and would eat pig guts to be in a film. Neva loves to recite Monty Python films (and is not quite dead yet). Jim expresses his love for early bird showings of films, as Brian rips into Jim for being an old man (a favorite of Bill’s).

Episode 16 – Featuring Defacto Film Reviews – Top Ten Films of 2019

On this episode, Bill and Jim sit down with Robert Butler and Noah Damron with Defacto Film Reviews and counting down their Top Ten Films of 2019.

Episode 15 – 2019 Christmas Special

On today’s episode, the minions have a very special episode for you. This will be our 2019 Top 5 Christmas Movies! Benymain announces his love for a Santa who beats up on little children. Travis is the one person to pick a film that is more like a ZOS Films production. Bill goes full RATED R and is bleeped out. Stephanie and Lisa hold down the fort as the only adults in the room (pretty scary).

Episode 14 – Round Table Discussion About Our Favorite Film Adaptations

On today’s episode, the minions go on a journey discussing their favorite film adaptation. This journey has Lisa describing her love for a devil baby. Travis takes us further into a late month, and to “Remember, remember the 5th of November”. Bill goes on his overly long and excited love for a very power ring, and Jim wallows in Misery and his love for Stephen King.

Episode 13 – Round Table Discussion About Films You Can’t Make Anymore

On today’s episode, the minions walk on eggshells and discuss films you can’t make anymore. Travis Does his best to not offend anyone. Stephanie brings a woman’s perspective to some sensitive topics. Bill mixes up Mickey Rooney and Mickey Rourke (yeah, this happens) and goes off on how sensitive the group is acting. Jim, continues to be a professional and reads everything Bill puts on paper (a group favorite).

Episode 12 – Round Table Discussion About Our Favorite 80’s and 90’s Comedies

On today’s episode, the minions discuss their favorite 80’s and 90’s comedies. Travis tries his best to recover from a rough night. We bring on a new guest co-host, Lisa. Bill makes things awkward, as usual, and Jim continues to read everything as written.

Episode 11 – 2019 Halloween Special

We have an extra spooky and extra content episode for you today for the 2019 ZOS Films PODcast Halloween Special! On today’s episode, the minions count down the ZOS Films Top 5 Horror Movies! Bill gives a brief history of horror in films. Jim does his hardest to break Bill’s concentration (a show favorite). Benyamin demands you watch anything by Martin Scorsese, and Jeremy will demand you listen to his jokes, even if that means he will talk over you.

Episode 10 – Round Table Discussion About World Building

On today’s episode, the minions discuss the concepts and ideas of “world building” in film and entertainment. Travis tries changing his feeling about “Blair Witch Project”, but does he really? Benyamin gets a little “fresh” with Travis. Jim gets into the “Fat Bat” series and world created by Kalamazoo native Bill Craft. Bill shows his love for “Lord of the Rings”.

Epsiode 9 – Round Table Discussion About Casting

On today’s episode, the minions discuss the process of casting a film. Jim gives personal insight of his experience. Bill recalls a time of giving ZOS Films family member Ryan Hulce a hard time on set. Co-hosts Benyamin and Travis try their best to stay on topic (haha)!