Episode 11 – 2019 Halloween Special

We have an extra spooky and extra content episode for you today for the 2019 ZOS Films PODcast Halloween Special! On today’s episode, the minions count down the ZOS Films Top 5 Horror Movies! Bill gives a brief history of horror in films. Jim does his hardest to break Bill’s concentration (a show favorite). Benyamin demands you watch anything by Martin Scorsese, and Jeremy will demand you listen to his jokes, even if that means he will talk over you.

Episode 10 – Round Table Discussion About World Building

On today’s episode, the minions discuss the concepts and ideas of “world building” in film and entertainment. Travis tries changing his feeling about “Blair Witch Project”, but does he really? Benyamin gets a little “fresh” with Travis. Jim gets into the “Fat Bat” series and world created by Kalamazoo native Bill Craft. Bill shows his love for “Lord of the Rings”.