Episode 15 – 2019 Christmas Special

On today’s episode, the minions have a very special episode for you. This will be our 2019 Top 5 Christmas Movies! Benymain announces his love for a Santa who beats up on little children. Travis is the one person to pick a film that is more like a ZOS Films production. Bill goes full RATED R and is bleeped out. Stephanie and Lisa hold down the fort as the only adults in the room (pretty scary).

Episode 14 – Round Table Discussion About Our Favorite Film Adaptations

On today’s episode, the minions go on a journey discussing their favorite film adaptation. This journey has Lisa describing her love for a devil baby. Travis takes us further into a late month, and to “Remember, remember the 5th of November”. Bill goes on his overly long and excited love for a very power ring, and Jim wallows in Misery and his love for Stephen King.